"Camping Your Way" at Rock Port RiversEdge Campground

Go Camping Your Way at Rock Port RiversEdge RV Park and Campground


Historic Brownville, Nebraska (3 miles)

Whether you're interested in Spring/Fall flea markets, historic sites, theatre, or museums, Brownville has it! The 38th season of the Brownville Village Theatre runs from June 11 to August 15, with 5 productions sure to please. There is also a Concert Hall, The Spirit of Brownville Riverboat, The Captain Meriwether Lewis Museum, shops and much more!

Nebraska City - (just a 38 minute drive)

Home of Arbor Day, Nebraska City has many attractions and events throughout the year. There are Historic sites, including the Mayhew Cabin, one of many hideaways used to free runaway slaves. It includes an indoor display of ten early-day shops, the Mayhew Cabin and "Cave", and gift shop. Check out their website for information on this and other attractions and events.

Kimmel Orchard - Nebraska City

When Richard and Laurine Kimmel planted their first apple and cherry trees in the rolling hills of Southeast Nebraska in 1925, they created a destination for some of the best produce in the Missouri River valley as well as fertile ground to grow new ideas. The Kimmel orchard complex offers something for everyone, from cider pressing demonstrations in the Apple Barn to lunch at the Kimmel Kitchen, from a browse in the gift shop to a stroll through their informative orchard trail.

St. Joseph, Missouri (an hour's drive)

A town rich in history - famous for being the place where the Pony Express began and Jesse James met his demise - St. Joseph is an exciting city offering first-rate attractions, luxurious bed and breakfasts and fine dining. Enjoy St. Joseph's rich historical past and exciting present. Find out why St. Jo is the way to go!

Strategic Air & Space Museum (just 1 ½ hour drive)

On June 15, 2001 the name of the Strategic Air Command (SAC) Museum was changed to the Strategic Air & Space Museum. This change incorporated the Museum's rich past while reaching out to a growing audience through dynamic programming and exciting educational programs that captivate the interests and imaginations of everyone. The Museum will always be rooted in preserving the history of the Strategic Air Command and its role in securing peace. The future of the Museum will offer its ever-increasing number of visitors who seek to learn about math, science, engineering, aviation, and space through traveling and permanent exhibits and educational programs. For more information including admission prices and times, visit their website.

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo (1 hour drive)

Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo has four primary objectives: conservation, research, recreation, and education. In promoting these objectives on a local, regional, national, and global scale, the Zoo provides exciting recreational opportunities that simultaneously enhance our visitors' knowledge of the natural world. Be sure to visit: their website for information including hours of operation, rates, the exciting IMAX Theater, Wildlife Safari, and much more.

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